Woman Pulled Over By Police Says “I Have To Poop So Bad” – Then Speeds Off (VIDEO)

When you’ve got to go…

28-year-old Oklahoma lady Emily Owings was bursting for a shit on her way home this week, when she was pulled over by a police officer for not wearing a seatbelt. Which is the last thing you need when you’re desperate for the loo.

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When the officer asked Emily for her ID, she could only produce her medical marijuana card, which in Oklahoma is probably worse than having no ID at all. Well it turns out Emily didn’t have her ID because her license had been suspended and on top of what she had some outstanding warrants.

At her wit’s end, Emily did what she had to do (should start at 0:26):

Like any of us would do in that situation, she was looking for a way out of it (ideally without getting into any trouble) but having already been a) speeding b) no license and c) outstanding warrants, she knew the only way to not wind up shitting herself on top of it all was to get the hell out of there. Fair play stepping it up a gear as well with the “it’s my birthday” attempt.

After speeding from the scene and eventually being stopped again, Emily pleaded with an officer:

Can I poop in your car, man?

The officer responded:

You could’ve already been on your way to jail.


Yeah, but not pooping.

A meth pipe was found during a search of her car. She was booked into the Garfield County Detention Center and faces several charges.

From the looks of her mugshot, I’m guessing she still hasn’t pooped:

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