Watch This Woman Pee On The Floor Of A Plane After Being Told She Can’t Use The Toilet

Woman Pees On Plane


One of the most annoying things about catching a plane is when you’ve had a bit to drink beforehand and then really need to pee once you’ve sat down, but you’re not allowed to use the toilet until the plane has taken off so have to hold it in for ages before you can release it.

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Whilst this is uncomfortable, most people just get on with it and hold it in, but the woman in the video below wasn’t having any of it. When she was denied the use of the toilets on the Wizz Air flight she was traveling on from London to Poland, she decided instead to just pee on the floor of the plane. To make matters worse she also decide to phone someone whilst in the act of urination.

Never before seen behaviour. Obviously someone filmed the magnificent moment in all its glory:

Gross. Not sure what the people shouting at her hope to accomplish as it seems highly unlikely that after she’s made the decision to pee on the floor that she’s going to stop halfway through, but hey that their prerogative.

Apparently following the incident the police were called but it’s kind of unclear what happened next. Here’s the official statement from Wizz Air:

On Wizz Air flight W6 1309 from Warsaw to London Luton a passenger was reported to become unruly during landing, ignoring crew instructions.

The cabin crew handled the situation as they are trained to do and reported the passenger’s behaviour to the respective authorities. After disembarkation, while waiting for the authorities’ arrival, the situation escalated.

The aircraft was refuelling and therefore the lavatories could not be used, as is standard procedure.

As a result, the passenger’s behaviour became aggressive and offensive towards the crew. Safety is our top priority and the airline has zero tolerance for abusive behaviour. This is now a matter for the police.

Like I said, doesn’t really explain what happened to her. Hopefully she got fined or something though because it really is rank behaviour. Maybe it’ll help change airline policy so you can actually use the toilets when you’re waiting to take off/deplane. Yeah right.

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