Woman Boosts Co-Workers’ Morale By Parading Naked Around The Office

Naked Woman

Meanwhile in Poland.

I think it’s a fact of life no matter what industry you’re in that sometimes morale in the office can dip, and one of the most important questions a line manager will have to answer is how to address this.

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Chances are that whatever solution they may come up with, paying a female employee to walk around the office naked probably isn’t going to be in the top 100 resolutions. Probably not even the top 1000.

Despite this though, one guy over in Poland thought that this was an appropriate way to behave. The video apparently comes from a call centre over there and features a woman wearing nothing but sunglasses and boots prancing around the office, before returning to her desk and putting her clothes back on. Monday motivation?

Yeah that was pretty icky really – I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to motivate someone.

In any case, after the video went viral in Poland the girl ended up quitting her job and the company probably has a law suit coming their way pretty soon too. Great way to motivate the gang and increase productivity dude.

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