Woman Finds Note In Pack Of Burgers From The Cow Saying ‘You Killed Me’

Guilt trip.

A Sainsbury’s customer received a nasty surprise when she noticed a hidden message inside a packet of burgers she bought saying “you killed me”.

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Camilla Moser discovered the note hidden underneath the external wrapping of a packet of the supermarket’s burgers.

The picture showed an allegedly deceased cow along with some text which read:

My name was Chloe, I wanted to live. Your ‘personal choice’ killed me! Don’t buy it!

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Camilla, 25, reckons that Sainsbury’s plant must’ve been infiltrated because the note was between the burgers’ outer and inner packaging. Apparently she was so outraged after finding the note in her £3 Taste the Difference burgers that she posted about it on Facebook  with the caption:

I didn’t think opening my burgers this evening would be a meet and greet! FYI!

Sainsbury’s were quick to get in touch with the following message:


They’re so mortified that they’ve decided to reimburse Camilla in Nectar points for the cost of the burgers… wow. What a sweet deal.

Still, I don’t know why she’s even kicking off so much. If she doesn’t like facing up to the fact that she’s eating cows then why is she buying beef burgers? Moron.

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