Woman, 28, Brutally Murders Her Grandparents Then Gives Big Smile For Mugshot

Any regrets?

A 28-year-old woman accused of murdering her grandparents at their home in Camden, Mississippi, has been photographed beaming from ear to ear in her mugshot.

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Katelyn Taylor is accused of killing 82-year-old Eugene McDaniel and 67-year-old Celeste McDaniel on March 23, though police refuse to reveal how she did it.

The Jackson Sun reports that she has since been charged with two counts of first-degree murder, which… she’ll be happy about I guess?

Katelyn’s friends have since been discussing her mental health conditions on Facebook, with one friend – Jessica Michelle – writing:

I hate she fell down the rabbit hole and obviously wasnt strong enough to get out ! It breaks my heart to see someone ANYONE fall and not get back up . I didnt know she had gotten that way.

I would have tried to help . I know you cant save everybody but damn ! Her family AND her will be in my prayers it’s so sad. She did it to herself . She wouldnt get up. I know the old her and shes strong but I guess her mind wasnt strong enough.

As though the murders themselves weren’t a giveaway, I think everyone was expecting a mental health issue at play considering Katy is smiling in her mugshot like it was done for a photoshoot. If you take away the background it looks like she could be at the beach or the funfair or something. A pretty sweet and endearing face for someone who has a passion for butchering their grandparents to death.

RIP Eugene and Celeste and let’s hope Katy receives some kind of help during the time she’s about to go away for – the type which could have prevented this from happening.

For the Florida teen who assaulted her granddad because he didn’t give her her ‘fair share of tomatoes’, click HERE. That rascal’s smiling in her mugshot too!


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