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Tinder is all about matches, and whilst most people bemoan the fact that they can’t get enough, this London woman Jazz Egger is complaining that she’s getting too many and can’t reply to all of them. Tough life.

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In fairness Egger is super hot, so it’s not that surprising that the Instagram model gets so many likes. But it’s kind of outrageous that she’s currently got 5400 matches. It’s even more outrageous that she’s only been on about 20 dates so far too, considering how much time she must spend on the app.

Here’s what she had to say about it all:

Jazz Egger 2

I travel a lot and people keep Super Liking me.

I used to think it was normal to get so many Super Likes until a friend explained to me that the average female user gets just one or two per month.

I reached a point where I couldn’t answer everyone anymore, because I had swiped right on every Super Like.

I had to add a message to my profile saying: ‘Sorry this is getting out of hand. I can’t answer everyone anymore. I only reply if your message is super interesting. Hope you understand.’

It had the opposite effect though and now I receive even more messages than ever before. It’s a nightmare trying to get back to everyone and potentially arrange a date.

I would receive the craziest pick up lines and unbelievable offers. I even matched with Conor Maynard and other well known musicians, YouTubers, and actors.

Another crazy offer was when a guy invited me for a week in Greece on his yacht.

He offered to pay for everything, even my flight. Just so he could have a chance. Of course I declined that offer.

Jazz Egger 3Jazz Egger 3

That is a bit creepy but surely you would take that offer up? Sounds completely sick to me.

If all this has done is make you want to date Jazz Egger, then have a swipe through Tinder and make sure you use your Super Like on her and know how to send an interesting message. She’s still looking for love so you’ve definitely got a chance there champ. Go for it.

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