Woman On Mobility Scooter Wipes Out While Trying To Take On Skate Ramp (VIDEO)

mobility scooter skate park

Wipe out!

Have you ever gone to the skate park, only to totally wipe out in front of all your pals and make an embarrassment of yourself?

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Now imagine doing that 1) on your own 2) as an OAP and 3) on a mobility scooter.

That was the fate of the poor woman in this video, who was filmed crashing HARD after trying to take on a small ramp at her local skate park, leaving her and all of her belongings sprawled all over the place.

Yeowch! Here’s hoping those skater kids went to help that woman up – that can’t have been good for the ol’ hip replacement.

For more on extreme mobility scootering (yes, it’s a thing now), check out this dude who’s been using his as a late-night taxi service for boozers. All aboard!


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