Woman Matches Guy Off Hinge And Is Now Self Isolating With Him And Tweeting About It

How’s it going?

It’s a question that everyone single has been asking for the past few days – what if I end up hooking up with someone and then we have to self isolate/quarantine ourselves together?

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Well, thankfully someone has answered that question for us and decided to live tweet about their experience so we don’t have to go through it – I would say there’s about a 50/50 chance it would be completely hellish or completely awesome. Maybe 60/40 on the hellish side.

Anyway, Thea de Gallier appears to be having a blast of it after five days and here’s what she’s had to say about it:

I mean that sounds nice so far doesn’t it, but not sure how the two of them are going to fare after two weeks or more stuck in the same flat together. Fingers crossed it works out for them but if this was a movie, there would probably be a whole load of fun for about five days until they really started to get on each other’s nerves and start fighting each other before a resolution depending on genre. Romcom – they get together and continue dating, horror/psychological thriller they end up torturing/murdering each other.

Not sure I want to see either of those scenarios play out on Twitter, but best of luck to them anyway. For more of the same, check out this self isolating Premier League footballer shagging his brother’s wife. Not such a good way to spend your time.

UPDATE: Thea has said that she won’t be doing any interviews after this popped off but she might write about it one day for the BBC, so I guess she’s stopping with the live tweet updates as well. Bummer. Hope they manage to ride it out together though.


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