Watch This Woman Lick Everything In The Supermarket And Claim That It’s Good For Her

What is she doing?

It’s not even Monday morning and we’ve already had our first weird take on vaccination and the spread of germs in the form of this video from Colorado resident Jodie Meschuk.

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Meschuk is a massive anti vaxxer and her latest video shows her heading to her local supermarket and licking everything in sight, including the shopping trolley, door handles, plastic bags and even a fridge. She captioned her video saying that this was actually safer and helped people to be free as germs actually help fortify your immune system.

Anyway, take a look at it below and see what you think:

Very strange hey? Meschuk’s theories may have some logic/science in them, but her account has since been suspended on Instagram due to her dangerous opinions so I don’t really anyone should be following her lead in this video and heading to their local supermarket and doing all this.

Just find it so strange that people feel the need to film themselves doing crap like this in order to try and get over their weird takes on vaccines and germs, but I guess this is going to be a big part of society forever now that anyone can make videos and put them on the internet. That’s the future man.

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