Woman Has Leg Ripped Off After It Becomes Trapped In Elevator Doors (VIDEO)

Woman's Leg Ripped Off

This is gruesome stuff.

When I was younger I always used to be scared about what might happen if I got an arm or a leg stuck in the elevator doors, but unfortunately if ever it did happen then they would just open and I would escape unharmed.

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Apparently this isn’t how it works over in China though, where an unnamed woman has had her leg ripped off after she tripped and it became trapped in the door as the elevator started to ascend. The video is available below but be warned, it’s absolutely gruesome so if you are squeamish seriously don’t watch it because it’s like watching a real life version of the Saw movies or something. Not for the faint hearted:

Jesus. That might be one of the most messed up videos we’ve ever shared. Completely brutal.

Absolutely devoid of health and safety regulations over there in China eh? How can a lift – that nobody is even in I might add, so nobody would have pressed the button to go up – be allowed to go up when the door isn’t fully closed and somebody is stuck in it? Beggars belief really that his has been allowed to happen.

Apparently the incident took place at the Conch Building, Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai last June if you want to make sure that something like that never happens to you. It’s not know what became of the woman or if she even survived the experience, but here’s hoping she did and has been suitably compensated for it – not that will ever make what happened right of course.

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