Woman Impersonated Ex’s Pregnant Wife And Posted Rape Fantasy Ads On Craigslist

Michelle Suzanne Hadley

Never mess with a twisted ex.

A woman over in the US is facing prison after impersonating her ex-boyfriend’s pregnant wife and posting ‘rape fantasy’ ads under her name on Craigslist.

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29-year-old Michelle Suzanne Hadley responded to the replies, which involved extreme rape fantasy requests and sex acts soliciting rape. She mentioned in the messages that she wanted the men to have forcible sex with her, even if she screamed or resisted, and supplemented the messages with pictures of the wife, Jane Doe.

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Several of these guys even showed up to Doe’s home, but none of them were successful in carrying out the rape act. One of them physically attacked her but fled when she called for help. How fucked up is that? You need to be a seriously messed up person to try and have a woman raped, particularly someone who is pregnant.

Hadley also sent emails to Doe, threatening the life of her unborn child. Authorities say that Hadley redirected the emails through different servers and computers in order to stay under the radar.

According to reports, Hadley had been dating the man in question between 2013 and 2015, before Doe married him. Sounds like their break up was definitely not left amicably.

Since all the Craigslist shit, Hadley has been charged with a whole bunch of stuff including six felony accounts of attempted forcible rape and she could face life in prison. When I first read that, I thought that a life sentence was pretty harsh, but the fact that she masterminded a solid plan to get this poor, innocent woman raped – I would say she needs to be put behind bars or at least kept in a mental institute. Not cool.

Can’t decide who’s more twisted – this chick or the girl who was so jealous of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend that she went to the funeral home and dissected her corpse.


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