This Girl Was So Jealous Of Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend That She Went To The Funeral Home And Dissected Her Corpse

Taking girlfriend/ex-girlfriend beef to a whole new level.

Shaynna Lauren Sims has been arrested after getting caught illegally dissecting a corpse at a Tulsa, Oklahoma funeral home; the corpse of her boyfriend’s ex.

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Police say Shaynna cut the dead woman’s hair, sliced her cheek open and smeared her make-up all over her face. Family members called police after they saw Shaynna with her hands inside the casket (before she quickly pulled away when she saw them looking). Police found hair on the floor near the body, smeared makeup on the deceased’s face, and also “a large vertical cut starting from the hairline stretching to the tip of the nose.” Shaynna had also stolen the dead women’s shoes, which may be the most heinous move of all. Crazier still when you see photos of her looking like a normal, happy lady with her own family life:


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Does it get more sociopathic than that? Walking into a funeral home in front of a dead person’s friends and family and mutilating/stealing from the corpse like it’s no big deal? Obviously this woman has some issues with the deceased having dated her boyfriend, but how can you hate someone to the point that you still want to punish them after they’re dead? Really takes your typical girlfriend/ex-girlfriend beef to a whole new level.

There’s crazy and then there’s next level crazy and this story definitely falls into the latter category. Reminds us of the dad who murdered his son then tried to kill himself so he could carry on fighting him in the afterlife.


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