Woman Held Wild Hospital ‘Drugs Sesh’ Then Posted The Pictures On Facebook

Hospital party featured

Racking up lines from the hospital bed.

A hospital has launched an investigation into a series of photos taken by a patient that show her racking up lines and smoking in a ward.

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Rebecca Barns-Gambrell, 39, published the photos in a Facebook group dedicated to partying and ‘the sesh’ on Saturday night during a two-day hospital visit. She can be seen smoking while another shows lines of white powder, with medical apparatus in the background. The photos were posted with the caption:

When your mate visits you in hospital and you got your stash in your bag naturally and it’s party behind the curtains!

Saturday night stops for no man.. or woman.

Rebecca has since spoken out and said that she wasn’t in fact taking drugs and that the white powder was left by her lodger… ahem. She insisted that the product “wasn’t taken or used” and that they handed it to hospital staff in fear that it might be drugs. Again… ahem. She added:

The white powder didn’t belong to me or my friend – it belonged to somebody that was staying with myself at home.

I’d found it on the Friday and I had it on me [when I got to hospital]. ‘I was a member of a few groups and you see [images of drugs] going around and we don’t agree with it all.

I’ll tell you now that that product wasn’t taken. That product was handed into the staff at the hospital, it wasn’t used.

I didn’t want it in my house and my lodger is gone now.

The smoke was just messing around – it was an [e-cigarette mod]. My friend and I were mocking it up as a joke when I was in hospital.

I’ve made a conscious decision to get rid of a lot of people that have that background [drug taking]. I’m fed up of seeing it all publicly.

The post was a horror post. I detest seeing it [drugs] all being publicly posted all the time.

My friend was coming to check I was okay in hospital. I was in there from Friday. I made a point with that post and then I removed myself from Facebook. My life is now moving forward since Saturday.

I’m all for innocent until proven guilty, but why the hell would Rebecca post those images with the captions as a way to make an anti-drug statement? And why did she rack up lines and roll up the note before handing the powder over to the hospital staff? All seems a bit like she’s just trying to deflect the blame now that an investigation has been launched, although I could be wrong.

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