This Woman Holds The World Record For Squirting And People Beg Her To Teach Them

She knows what she’s talking about.

Squirting is probably one of the most taboo subjects out there, as hardly anyone really knows anything about it, why is happens or who it can even happen to – one study estimates that it can occur in 10-54% of women which isn’t really telling us anything – but one woman who does know all about it is 33 year old New York based sex educator Lola Jean.

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In fact, Lola Jean likes squirting so much that she decided to try and set the Guinness World Record for it, but was sadly forced to set her up own competition after discovering that they didn’t allow sexual exploits in their files. Before her record attempt, scientists estimated that women could squirt 900ml, but after she set up a specific set of conditions and parameters, Lola managed to squirt 1250ml in 26 seconds – a pretty phenomenal amount to be honest – which is a record that she still holds today. That’s over a full litre of the stuff!

Lola also really likes talking about squirting, so here’s pretty much everything she knows about the subject:

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If my body can do this thing I had no idea it can do, what else is it capable of?

Where the shame comes in is definitely to do with the clean-up and mess and not being sure if someone is going to blame me or treat me like a nuisance.

I was lucky that the person I was with when I first knew I squirted did not project their feelings – good, bad, or otherwise – onto to me, so when I went to learning how to do it on my own through masturbation, I was able to form my own relationship with it.

I [have] taught a variety of squirting classes, some were a variation of my masturbation classes, some were lectures, and some included demonstration as more of a shock-and-awe factor as opposed to an actual learning tool.

It was in those early stages of my career I also began doing squirting performances at places like The Box and House of Yes in NYC, so I wasn’t a stranger to taking my act on stage.

It wasn’t until I decided to set a world record – and prove science wrong in the process – that I started gaining a different kind of notoriety, it was like the world record made me more official.”

It took a year to put together but the record for Volume Squirting within a one-minute period using only the assistance of one’s person – meaning: no toys, no partner, no outside help – was and continues to be mine.

When I initially set it in 2019, I squirted 1250ml in 26 seconds and I did so without orgasming and without penetrating myself.

Having that title can really shut people up.

I really wanted to take the power back.

It [squirting] was something that people either fetishised, made all about them or denied its plausibility altogether.

I never wanted to squirt, but my body sure as hell did – so, I took the mystique out of it, squirting is overrated, it is a thing our body can do as a way of expressing pleasure, but it doesn’t have to happen with an orgasm to be valid.

I worked to understand squirting and my body’s relationship with it regardless of what others (namely men) thought about it.

I take a really hands-off approach to teaching squirting–- I don’t like pressuring people to make it happen cause that emphasizes this ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘good’ and ‘bad’ connotation.

I provide the understanding of what your body may feel, the mechanics, and give people a variety of options to play with discovering what their body likes and responds to.

It’s why I’m a fan of the stage.

It allows people to enjoy my squirting, to shock them – and if I’m honest, sometimes disgust them – but most importantly to keep them at a distance.

Also, let’s be real, I’m definitely monetising this.

Whether someone buys a ticket to my show or they purchase the supercut of my latest world record, at least I’m benefitting off of the objectification.

It’s not why I do what I do, but the way society is, it comes with the territory, so I am making the best out of the situation I am given.

Try to celebrate the things your body can do as opposed to what it can’t.

I truly encourage people who want to squirt to do so on their own via masturbation because they are more likely to be comfortable and allow their body to feel to its fullest capacity without worrying about what can go wrong.

Once an individual understands more about their body and what triggers its response it becomes easier to predict and/or harness.

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Told you she really liked talking about it didn’t I? In fairness though she is right – hardly anyone talks about squirting or knows how to do it, so the world needs someone like her to bring it out into the open and stigmatise it less. I think everyone could learn something from her. Fair play.

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