A 90 Year Old Granny Got Presented With A Squirting Penis For A Birthday Cake


Happy birthday.

I’m not sure if I’ll live to the age of 90, but if I do then I hope that someone gets me as awesome a birthday cake as the one that Jean Astley received for her birthday this year.

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Jean was celebrating with her whole family – she even has a couple of great great grandchildren – and over 200 people gathered at the family home for the occasion. It was then her daughter decided to bring out the cake she had baked – a massive penis that squirted cream out of its head.

Luckily, the moment was filmed so we can all have a lol about it. Here’s what granddaughter Hayley had to say about it all too:

My nan wasn’t expecting it at all. You could see the shock in her face.

She may be 90 but she’s still young at heart. For a 90-year-old she’s got a very good sense of humour and she swears like a trooper.

My mum had the cake made for her. I’ve no idea what inspired by mum to get that cake.

When she was waiting for the cake she knew we had a surprise, and she just went ‘ooh, is it a male stripper?’

She’s very comical. We like to shock her if we can, but she’s very quick off the mark. Say something and she can come back on your dead quick.

Everyone is used to by nan sitting in her arm chair, fag in one hand, remote in the other hand. We had a brilliant time on Saturday.

My nan even said up past her bedtime. It’s great when we all come together because it’s a really great atmosphere.

Yeah I mean to be fair she does sound like a complete and utter sickhead. Hope everyone likes me as much as the like her if I make it to that age as well.

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