Old Woman Claims She Can Heal Blindness With This Disgusting Method (VIDEO)

I’ll stick with the blindness thanks.

Did you know that your eyeballs can get dirty? I’m not sure it’s possible but if it is, this elderly lady in Bosnia is ready and willing to lick the shit out of them for you.

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Hava Celebic, also known as Nana Hava, claims to be the only person in the world who can heal eyeballs with her tongue.

The 80-year-old charges 10 Euros to remove pieces of lead, iron, coal, sawdust and glass stuck in people’s eyes after sterilising her mouth with alcohol.

She explains:

I learned this from a woman who was also called Hava.

Unfortunately I can not pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone’s eye.

I’ve been told that people will cut out my tongue when I die so the village can continue to treat people.

Nana Hava claims to have cured over 5,000 people of many nationalities, from Americans to Russians and says many go to her after trying conventional treatment.

Apparently this is how Nana Hava makes a living because there are people out there willing to pay to have their eyeballs licked by an old Bosnian lady. How did she even discover she had a magic tongue that could heal eye balls? Not sure we even want to know really.

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