The Way They Baptise Babies In Georgia Is Bordering On Child Abuse (VIDEO)

Whatever you do, don’t baptise your baby in Georgia.

An Orthodox Archbishop has caused a bit of controversy after he was filmed using some pretty aggressive baptism methods on a number of babies.

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The Patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church, 84-year-old Ilia II, is seen violently dunking tiny babies into a baptismal font at high speed, alternating between legs-first and headfirst.

Get a load of this madness:

Not going to lie, that was pretty damn funny. Safe to say Ilia II gives zero fucks about whatever health and safety measures a traditional baptism usually entails. The babies are so stunned by his technique they can’t even bring themselves to cry; they’re just getting dunked in and out the water thinking ‘what the fuck is happening to me?’ No reports of any paralysed babies as of yet but hopefully they slow it down a bit in future.

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