Woman Grows Food To Help Poor With Cost Of Living Crisis; Gets Land Poisoned By Vandal



If you ever need evidence that things are absolutely beyond repair on this stupid little island, then the video and story contained in this article is probably all that you’ll have to look at to understand how selfish and awful a lot of people on it are now.

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As I’m sure many of you will be well aware, we’re currently in a very serious cost of living crisis as inflation is skyrocketing along with the price of energy and gas and whatever. And if you think that those prices are ever going to return to their original levels then you really are an idiot. That’s just the way it goes buddy, suck it up.

Anyway, obviously a load of people are having a real problem with dealing with having no money so this one woman Carly Burd thought that she would grow some vegetables in her allotment and give them out for free to help people out. She also decided to document all this on her TikTok account which is a bit suss, but essentially she’s doing a good thing so why not raise awareness and encourage other people to do the same?

Unfortunately though, some major dxckhead decided to jump over the fence and put salt all over the allotment so that nothing would grow. Here’s Burd’s TikTok reaction to finding out about all this:

@carlyburd43 #costoflivingcrisis #harlow #heartfm #dailymail #itvnews #bbcmorninglive #community #hometown ♬ original sound – CarlyBurd

I am absolutely heartbroken. Someone jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land.

That means everything I’ve planted, planted won’t grow and I can’t replant on it because it won’t grow.

All the hours and hours and hours of work that we’ve put in is now dead and they’ve done it everywhere.

How can you do that? Literally, I hope it makes you happy. I really do. Top person. But you know what?

You won’t stop me because I’ll just pick it all up and I’ll carry on. I can’t plant in this section, but I’ll carry on. You won’t stop me whatsoever.

I think you really have to go along with her there. I suppose you could argue she’s being a bit narcissistic by putting this all on TikTok so she gets loads of praise for her altruism, but even so she’s still helping a lot of people and that’s more than most people can say. To knowingly sabotage that seems like a deliberately malicious act that isn’t really benefiting anyone, so I’m not really sure why anyone would do it other than if they hated Carly or all poor people? Seriously gross behaviour.

The police in Essex have been contacted and are supposed to be investigating, but I imagine someone will probably dig up some dirt on this Carly woman for why this has happened, like she runs her own businesses but claims loads of expenses and doesn’t pay enough tax or something. You can sort of see that coming.

Really don’t think there’s any excuse for poisoning her land though. You’ve gotta be a seriously warped individual to even consider that. Classic little Britain I guess.

QUICK EDIT: There are already loads of people on Twitter claiming that she set sabotaged the allotment in order to get a payout from a GoFundMe that’s currently received about £200,000 worth of donations from celebrities including Gary Lineker. Told you. Guess we’ll see how all the Twitter detectives solve the crime or what she does with the money.

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