Guy Who Ate 124 Kebabs In 31 Days Says It Left Him Feeling ‘Psychologically Damaged’



I don’t think there’s probably enough talk about how taking part in relentless eating challenges actually leaves you feeling – except maybe Morgan Spurlock’s ‘Super Size Me’ and that was over 20 years ago – so it’s relatively refreshing to hear 36 year old Des Breakey speak out about the negative aspects of his recent Kebabathon.

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Des agreed to eat four kebabs a day over December in order to raise over £1000 for charity – even sacrificing his traditional Christmas dinner to complete the challenge – but has revealed that the task left him both psychologically and physically damaged. Now, he has serious reservations about turning his hand towards competitive eating again, but doesn’t have any plans to retire from eating kebabs ever.

Here’s what he had to say about the Kebabathon:

It’s very much an accomplishment. I appreciate the support. But I’m not doing it again. This is my final dance. I’m now retiring.

I have enjoyed it, but it’s hurt me physically. I’ve felt like crap. I’m not getting any fruit, no vegetables, and no nutrition. I couldn’t eat anything else.

It was a breeze for the first two weeks. But the last two weeks it got a bit messy, not just physically but psychologically as well.

There was pressure on getting there – I had to do it. I couldn’t let them down.

But to be honest, I’m already planning to go out with my mates next week. I’ll never stop eating kebabs.

I was starving myself all day at work. I would finish at 5pm, and then I would be eating four kebabs.

Sometimes I would be eating them in my mate’s car, some on the fly. The quickest I did it in was an hour and a half.”

I had kebabs for Christmas. I went to my mum’s. I love prawn cocktails as a starter, so I was gutted. But I didn’t want to give in. I was always going to do it.

Fair play to the guy I suppose, although it does seem like kind of a weird challenge to undertake in the first place? And also like he probably could have earned some more money from doing it as well considering how big a movie ‘Supersize Me’ was when it first came out?

Surely if he had just filmed it all and stuck it up on YouTube and promoted it then loads of people would have tuned in to see how close to defeat he was after eating rank kebab after rank kebab over and over again. Eating four in an hour and a half sounds especially disgusting. Kinda seems like he missed a bit of a trick there.

If we’re gonna really rip him as well, he probably would have earned way more money for charity if he had just started running or something rather that something as gluttonous as this. Des also spent all his own money on the kebabs too and probably could have raised close to £1000 just by donating that and not spending it all on kebabs. Silly goose.

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