Watch This Woman With A Massive Egg On Her Head Get It Drained At The Local Hospital

Girl With Massive Egg On Forehead

She hit her head when she fainted and fell over whilst jogging.

Wow. That isn’t a good look at all right?

This woman fainted and fell over whilst jogging, and somehow managed to do the insane amount of damage to her face that you can see above. I don’t know how that’s possible – it looks like she’s gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson or something –  or how anyone could get an egg as big as that on their head, but it happened and it hadn’t gone down even after two weeks.

That meant she had to go to the hospital to get it drained, which is what you’re going to see in the video below. Be warned though, it is totally 100% gross. You’ve just got to watch it though – it’s one of those ones, kinda like this worm exploding out of the body of a dead spider.

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