Woman Gets Naked And Goes On Insane Meltdown In A Busy Gym (VIDEO)

woman naked

Must’ve been all that adrenaline.

Getting angry and screaming about utter bullshit in front of a group of strangers is pretty embarrassing in itself, but the woman in the video below took this to the next level by getting butt naked to deliver her rant.

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The incident supposedly took place early in the morning at the LA Fitness centre in Southfield. Apparently she burst into the gym wearing only a pair of underwear and started shouting about how she had a gun in her locker. As you’ll see in the footage below, she then decides the appropriate action is to take everything off and walk around completely starkers:

If that weren’t mad enough, the guy who posted the video said that she also claimed she was shot in the head two days earlier. No news on what happened to her after the incident, but hopefully she was taken to the hospital to have it checked out because something has clearly gone wrong. Oh yeah, and for all you pervs out there, here’s the NSFW version.


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