Woman Gives Birth In Subway Toilet; Then Leaves Without The Baby

Woman Abandons Baby Subway Toilet


A 38 year old Californian woman named Mary Grace Trinidad allegedly gave birth in the toilet of a Subway restaurant in West Covina then staggered out of there leaving the baby behind.

Subway have released the footage of Trinidad stumbling around but there’s obviously no footage of her in the toilet itself. It’s said that she stayed in there for about 10 minutes and then staggered out of there.

The baby was discovered after staff heard him crying in the toilet, partially submerged in the bowl. The placenta had been placed in the bin. Police then followed a trail of blood from the store to Trinidad and found her collapsed in an alleyway. She was arrested on charges of attempted murder and child abandonment and taken to a supervised hospital.

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Fortunately, the child is in a much better condition after he was rushed to intensive care. In case you had any doubt, Trinidad was already known to police who were investigating her as she was homeless and was a known drug user and trafficker in the area.

But even so, this behaviour is absolutely despicable? I mean, how the hell can you leave your child in a toilet in a Subway, even if you didn’t want to keep it? And how the hell can you give birth in ten minutes as well?!

The whole thing is just absolutely disgusting. It’s not as bad as the Chinese woman who actually flushed her baby down the toilet though.


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