Woman Gets Drop-Kicked At Baseball Game

Woman goes berserk at a baseball game and ends up getting drop-kicked in the face by another lady fan. Pure gold.


Apparently beef between fans extends to more sports than just football. Football fan rivalry is no doubt the biggest beef out there, with local derbys always proving to be eventful on and off the pitch, but it turns out that fighting goes down amongst baseball fans too. In this video, fans of the Red Soxs and fans of the Yankees end up exchanging words and chants in the stands of a game. With everyone boozed up (because you can do that at baseball games) one woman decides to bring it to another fan and ends up royally kicking off. After a dude throws his drink all over the woman she goes berserk and ends up trying to give the guy and his crew a beat down, then out of no where the guy’s lady friend lays down a filthy drop kick on this bitches face… KAPOW! After dropping down a couple of rows and almost smashing the back of her head open on a metal pole she realises she’s just been done the fvck over, on camera. Ouch!

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