Woman Get Annihilated By Brutal Kick Down The Stairs In A Completely Unprovoked Attack (VIDEO)



Usually when I’m walking through a subway my only real problem is trying not to pick up a snack or maybe making sure I actually make my train. I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with unsolicited attacks from behind, but maybe I should count myself lucky after watching this video.

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It’s taken in the Berlin subway where a woman was just walking around minding her own business when some dude carrying a beer just walks behind her on the stairs and kicks her really hard in the back, causing her to absolutely stack it onto her face on the platform below. Not cool at all:

Ouch. Absolutely nothing safe about kicking someone in the back down some stairs, even if you were legitimately fighting them it wouldn’t be a cool move, so it’s downright despicable to do it to a woman minding her own business.

According to this YouTube video the victim is OK now but apparently the police aren’t even investigating the incident or looking for these guys which is kind of shitty. There’s some mild xenophobia in it as well claiming that the guys doing the pushing were Muslim immigrants, but I’m not sure if that’s true either.

Whatever the case, these guys are pricks and need to be found and punished – ain’t nothing good about kicking someone down the stairs like that. However bad this is though, it’s nowhere near as bad as this dude kicking a disabled guy down the stairs. Absolute bullshit.


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