Woman Left With Four Eyebrows After Permanent Brows Are Tattooed In The Wrong Place

“One is higher and thicker than the other, one is thicker, one is thinner. I am stuck with four eyebrows.”

Welcome to every girl’s worst nightmare, or at least, top 5 worst nightmare — having your eyebrows completely and utterly ruined for life.

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20-year-old Tyne, a care worker from Coventry, was left with four eyebrows after getting permanent eyebrows tattooed in the wrong place, having completely plucked away the originals.

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The trouble is that Tyne actually got her brows tattooed on when she was 15 (let’s put aside how illegal that is for a second) and thus she was still growing, meaning that when her natural eyebrows began growing back, she realised the tattoos were in the wrong place.

Tyne very astutely says:

My eyebrows are horrendous. I have my natural set and then tattooed eyebrows above.

One is higher and thicker than the other, one is thicker, one is thinner. I am stuck with four eyebrows. They are the biggest mistake I have ever done in my life. I am willing to go through anything to get a natural look.

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This whole thing started when Tyne obsessively over-plucked her eyebrows as a youngster, starting at age 10. Five years later she got the permanent make-up done which she initially loved:

At first I loved them, it was the answer to my prayers. I thought that was it, I wouldn’t have to worry ever again.

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Sadly she forgot to take into account that plucked eyebrows grow back and two years later her natural brows grew back underneath the tattooed ones:

That was when I realised my tattooed eyebrows were in completely the wrong place.

She’s spent the last 3 years putting on make-up for 2 hours every day to hide her double-brow:

It is a nightmare. I spend £150 a month buying different products to cover it up, it costs a fortune.

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She’s now undergoing laser removal surgery to break down the pigmentation in her tattooed eyebrows, so they can eventually disappear and she’ll be left with the eyebrows she was born with.

I will be glad to see the back of my double eyebrows. I will go through whatever I need to do remove them.

Good stuff. Look on the bright side though Tyne – at least your eyebrows aren’t as shocking as these girls’.


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