Woman Found Dead After Being Stuck In Lift For 30 Days

Stuck In Lift

What a way to go.

It’s being reported that over in China a woman died after she was stuck in a lift for an incredible 30 days in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province.

Maintenance workers went to check a problem at a residential block on January 30th and left after they turned the electricity off, resolving to solve the problem when they had the time. Unfortunately they didn’t bother checking if anyone was in the lift and one woman was trapped in there until they returned 30 days later. Needless to say, she didn’t make it.

She was a 43 year old woman who lived in the tower block all on her own, which was probably why nobody reported her missing or thought that she might be stuck in the lift. Having said that though you would have expected her to have a phone or for the lift to have some kind of emergency phone she could have used – I thought all lifts had that?

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Stuck In Lift

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But anyway, that’s a hell of a shitty way to go. Just trapped in an elevator with no hope of getting out unless someone turns on the power again, and just waiting to die from lack of food or the heat in there. Sounds absolutely awful – and if the time these guys got stuck in a lift for half an hour after a curry is anything to go by, then it probably was. It was probably dark too if they turned the electricity off.

The maintenance crew are being charged with gross negligence in an involuntary manslaughter case. Let’s hope they get what they deserve because if they had been doing their jobs properly then it wouldn’t have exactly been hard for them to prevent this.


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