Live Video Shows Woman Flashing During BBC Interview Over The Weekend

Flasher Festival

The girl can’t help it.

Whenever you see someone filming live on camera in front of the general public, about 50% of the time you can guarantee that someone will do something stupid, whether it be swearing or flashing or just giving a simple shout out to their mum.

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This is clearly illustrated in the video below where a woman decides to flash her norks at the camera whilst a BBC interviewer chats to one of the acts at the 63rd Folk Week in East Devon. Probably not the kind of festival where you would expect to see that kind of behaviour, but hey there it is:

Kinda lame they blurred it out, but needs must I suppose. Fair play to the woman for doing it as well – it hardly looks like the regular wild festival crowd where this kinda stuff is completely common. Gotta love a rebel.

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