A Woman Fired A Gun In McDonald’s Because Her Fries Were Too Cold

Not lovin’ it.

McDonald’s is cheap and cheerful fast food that you can pretty much pick up anywhere in the world and you know exactly what you’re gonna get, so you can’t really be that disappointed by it because it’s literally the same tasteless plastic crap everywhere you go.

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Unless it’s cold that is – this is apparently enough to send one woman from Garden City, Georgia into such a rage that the she went back into the kitchen of the outlet and fired a gun in there to get some payback. The owner of the franchise explained that she came back and said they were cold, but when he went into the back to pick her up some new fries, she followed him and started shooting into the floor.

Clearly spooked, the owner decided to just give the woman a refund and get her out of there before she caused any more damage. He then proceeded to call the police who caught up with her and took her into custody. It’s not yet know if she’s face any charges, but you would think she would at least be facing criminal damage for the mess she has no doubt made of the guy’s floor. Serves her right too.

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Not really sure why she was so mad either – there’s always a chance that your fries might be cold because you might get a bunch that have just been sitting there for ages. If you really want them super duper warm ask them for fries with no salt as they have to cook a fresh batch then – lil life hack there for you so you don’t end up shooting up your local McDonalds.  Although you will have to wait a bit longer.

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