Woman Films Homeless Lambrini Swigging Couple Having Sex On Her Front Drive

Sex On Drive


You’ve obviously got to be sympathetic towards homeless people, as it’s an absolutely terrible situation to be in, but sometimes you have got to admit that they’re going too far, like the couple in the video below.

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The video was filmed by an unnamed Hull woman who has had homeless people sleeping, getting drunk and having sex on her drive for the past few months. She has now reached breaking point after they keep returning and filmed them swigging Lambrini and having sex to create awareness of her problem:

They were having actual sex on my driveway. Surrounded by beer cans, the movement going on under the cover was unmistakeable.

That’s when I called the police.

Begging and homelessness is one of the biggest problems down Princess Avenue and it feels like it is getting worse every day.

My sympathy soon ended when I was leaving for work early in the morning to find them at it.

I feel really sorry for them but it is unnerving when they are there late at night or still there in the morning.

One man was drinking from a huge bottle of Lambrini at 10am the other day. Another time, at 6.30am, I almost tripped over him because he was laid in front of the doorway.

I don’t like seeing anyone struggling but sleeping on a driveway is taking the mick. It’s pretty intimidating and can be scary.

I mean I think she’s kind of got a point. There must be other places that homeless people can sleep that are just as safe and secure that aren’t going to affect this woman’s personal liberty. Or if they really do need to sleep there they could at least do it with some respect without getting pissed and having sex all night. Just saying.

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