Shocking Footage Shows Woman Fight Off Rapist Inside Gym In Apartment Complex


Terrifying footage of a woman fighting off a would-be rapist inside an apartment complex gym in Tampa, Florida, is doing the rounds, and thankfully, the woman had enough in the tank to see her attacker off and escape unharmed.

Watch the footage below:

Man, my heart was racing watching that. Instagram fitness model Nashali Alma, 24, told MailOnline she “thought he was just some dude coming to work out”, but quickly realised he wasn’t when he approached her:

“When it was happening, I actually had no fear. I am a bodybuilder, and I’m actually pretty strong, so in my mind, he was kinda equal to me.

The more fight you put, the more they want to give up… If I keep going, I keep pushing, he’s going to stop. He’s going to let go and he finally did.

My advice would be to never give up. My parents always told me in life, to never give up on anything and that’s one thing I always kept in my mind when I was fighting him.”

The suspect, later identified as Xavier Thomas-Jones, 25, was arrested the next day after he had been stalking a woman he spotted on a balcony and had gone to her apartment and gained entry. Luckily, the lady’s fiancé was home and chased him off before police caught up with him later.

Nashalia Alma

So hopefully this scumbag gets put away for a very long time and with any luck gets shanked in the showers or something. Thank fxck Nashali had her wits about her and the courage/ability to fight back. Definitely chose the wrong girl to mess with on this occasion.

To meet the man who burned his daughter’s rapist’s balls off and then tortured him to death, click HERE.


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