Woman Who ‘Made 15 False Rape Claims’ Storms Out Of Court During Trial

Jemma Beale

The truth hurts.

Earlier this month we brought to you the story of 25-year-old Jemma Beale. This woman is currently facing trial for allegedly making 15 fake rape claims and sending an innocent man to jail for seven years.

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The most recent news from the trial is that Beale stormed out of court this week during cross examination, when it was put to her that a sexual encounter in a garage was in fact consensual.

She had previously told the court that she is a lesbian and has never had consensual sex with a man. However, Mahan Cassim, one of the victims and the man who was sent to jail for seven years, painted a different picture, saying that she had been the one who instigated the sex.

She also said she was groped by a stranger, Noam Shazad, in a pub and that he took part in a gang rape. He fled the country when presented with the allegations. Southwark Crown Court also heard how Beale also made bogus complaints against six other men and in one of the incidents she had made up, she said she was attacked on the way home, but the CCTV footage shows she made it home safe and alone.

She also said two strangers attacked her close to her home in Ashford, Middlesex, before she suffered another gang rape attack by four other men two months later.

Jemma Beale

Two of the men identified by Beale, Luke Williams and Steven McCormack, were arrested and interviewed but never charged.

Apparently Beale had spent the evening with Williams and others at a house party, and that she had left willingly with him to go and get alcohol and cigarettes. She said that he took her to a garage where he arranged for the other men to come and attack her, but McCormack said that Beale had threatened him.

The court heard how Beale had said to a friend before leaving the party with Williams:

He’s good with his hands. He just tried to rape me upstairs but I’d rather it happened to me than to you.

It’s a okay, I can knock him out and I have that emergency thing [a 999 app] on my phone.

Prosecutor John Price QC told Beale:

You were already planning out what you were about to do – accuse him of attacking you.

He added that she took Williams to the garage for sex like she had with Cassim. It was after this accusation that Beale stormed out of court. Clearly she didn’t like hearing the truth.

The trial continues, so we can’t be sure how it’s going to end up. However, it seems pretty obvious when you look at the mountain of evidence against her that she has fabricated many of these stories, which is wrong on so many levels. We’ll keep you posted when the trial reaches a conclusion.

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