Horrific Video Of A Woman Falling 50 Feet Down A Waterfall With A GoPro Attached (NSFL)

Holy crap.

This video is going very viral right now and I have to say, it’s straight out of a POV horror film. The way she drops 50 feet, scraping herself across the rockface, the struggle to get out of the water, and the horrifying animalistic sounds she is making is just so wild.

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Watch below:

Via NY Post:

An adventurer miraculously survived a 50-foot plunge down a Hawaiian waterfall — with the whole ordeal caught on camera.

Heather Friesen, 26, had a GoPro strapped to her head as she fell down the sheer rocks at the Ka’au Crater Trail, cheating death — but suffering a collapsed lung, 10 broken ribs and a fractured scapula.

The dramatic footage shows her initially looking at the drop with awe, saying, “Whoa.”

But her feet then slip from underneath her as she steps on a wet patch, and she slides straight over the rock’s edge.

Screaming as she falls, Friesen eventually plunges into the water, moaning as she appears to be submerged for at least 20 seconds. Once out, she continues groaning in clear agony as a male friend helps her in the recently released footage of the 2016 drama.

All things considered, a collapsed lung, 10 broken ribs and a fractured scapula isn’t too bad considering she fell 50 feet. I just can’t imagine how terrifying that drop must have been, not to mention her fight to get out of the water while she’s pretty much drowning with 10 broken bones and a collapsed lung.

Great to see Heather making a full recovery though. I reckon we’ll all think twice before peering over any cliff edges next time.

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