This Guy Having A Full On Seizure Mid-Skydive Is Straight Up Terrifying; Watch Instructor Save His Life

Holy crap this is frightening.

From Nomadic Adrenaline’s YouTube page:

Possibly the scariest moment of my life. On the 14th of November 2014 while doing stage five of my Accelerated Free Fall program I have a near death experience. At around 9000ft I have a seizure while attempting a left hand turn. I then spend the next 30 seconds in free fall unconscious. Thankfully my jumpmaster manages to pull my ripcord at around 4000ft. I become conscious at 3000 ft and land safely back to the ground.

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Just goes to show… you think you’re going to have a nice day out skydiving and it ends up almost being the last thing you ever do in your life. I guess he got the buzz that he was after though and what more can you ask from a skydive session after all. Major props to the other guy for practically saving his life.

P.S. ‘Possibly’ the scariest moment of your life? Did you get eaten by a lion once or something?


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