Woman Gets Entire Head Stuck In Barrier Whilst Trying To Climb Over It

Woman Head Stuck Barrier


Climbing over small barriers is literally one of the easiest things to do in the world, but the woman in the video managed to screw it up beyond comprehension really.

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In the video, you see her calmly walk up to the barrier and start climbing over it in Zhejiang, China, only to suddenly flip all the way over and somehow manage to fit her head perfectly through the rails and get it stuck there. What an absolute melon:

Wow. If that wasn’t an accident then it would be a seriously impressive feat of manoeuvrability, but unfortunately it is so that woman is just going to come off looking really really stupid. Unlucky.

To make matters even worse, she was reportedly stuck with her head in the barrier for a few hours before fire fighters arrived at the scene and used hydraulic equipment to bend the bars and allow her head to be pulled out of there. Apparently she suffered minor scratches but that was it, sure that her pride has been suitably dented now that the whole thing has gone viral though. Loser.

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