This Dumb Girl Got Her Head Stuck In A Pumpkin


Happy Halloween idiot.

Pumpkin carving is a time honoured Halloween tradition that is usually a lot of fun – provided you don’t get your head stuck in the pumpkin of course.

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Unfortunately, the girl in this video wasn’t able to follow that rule and ended up with her head stuck in the pumpkin for at least five minutes. What a dumbass.

Rachel Packer Ralph (cool name) was carving up pumpkins with her family when her mother decided to start filming them. For reasons unknown she wanted a look inside the giant vegetable and stuck her head into it, but her pony tail got stuck and she ended up looking like a complete idiot on the internet. Good one:

Lol – I wonder if she ever managed to get the pumpkin off her head. I hope not. The best part is definitely how her little brother just sings that dumb song about pumpkin carving whilst she’s screaming and totally freaking out. Seem like a really happy family right there.

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