Woman Cuts Hole In COVID-19 Face Mask So That It’s Easier To Breathe (VIDEO)

Covidiot of the week.

‘Covidiot’ is a term that gets thrown around a lot these days, and for good and obvious reasons. But I think we may have just found the Queen of Covidiots at an S J Food Mart outside of Lexington, Kentucky over in the US.

The store clerk sees the lady coming from a mile away as she approaches to pay for petrol, because she’s cut a damn hole in her coronavirus mask, making it “easier to breathe”. Watch below:

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Talk about next level stupidity. Yeah I considered that this video could be fake but I really don’t think it is. There are genuinely people out there who are this dense…

But wait! She’s not actually wrong, is she? Cutting a hole in your COVID-19 mask does make it a lot easier to breathe. Just like if you were scuba diving 100 feet down in the ocean and wanted to move around faster. What would you do? Well take off the scuba equipment duh. Problem solved! I mean how do you expect this lady to breathe through her mouth without a hole?

I did initially feel bad about this guy recording her and making her look silly on the internet, but then again maybe there’s someone out there who’s doing the same thing and didn’t realise how stupid it was until they saw this woman go viral. So I guess you can consider this blog a public service announcement – don’t cut holes in your coronavirus masks. Cheers.

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