A Woman Who Insisted Her Dog Was Vegetarian Was Proved Wrong In Seconds On Live TV



It’s hardly exactly news that vegetarianism and veganism is on the increase in this country and worldwide, but I was unsure that this phenomenon had started to inhabit the animal kingdom as well.

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It turns out that it actually hasn’t, but one woman named Lucy Carrington was so confident that she had weaned her dog Storm onto a vegetarian diet that she decided to appear on This Morning yesterday to prove it. She explained that Storm started to go off his food this summer due to the heatwave and so she started to feed him exclusively non meat dog food and leftover vegetables, essentially turning him into a vegetarian.

Unfortunately, her claims were instantly proved wrong when Storm was presented with a choice of a bowl of meat or a bowl of carrots and peas when he immediately chose the bowl of meat to chow down on. Awkward:

Lol that is embarrassing but I suppose she handles it quite well and her excuse of the weather not being as hot might hold some credence in her argument. Just kidding – it’s a completely useless argument.

The most bizarre thing about this whole exchange though is that Lucy herself isn’t even vegetarian. Why would you be proud of making your dog vegetarian if it wasn’t even an ideal that you yourself held dear? Even non vegetarians are becoming increasingly self righteous about their animal’s diets it seems. Probably even worse than your usual self righteous vegetarians to be honest.

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