Pizza Delivery Driver Leaves Four Page Long Letter Threatening Woman After She Doesn’t Tip

Lauren Ledbury

Service with a smile.

It’s always a bit of a faux pas when you don’t tip your waiter or delivery driver, but you don’t really expect to be threatened afterwards if you don’t, especially if it was an honest mistake.

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Unfortunately though, this was the situation that Lauren Ledford from California found herself in recently. Lauren had ordered from US Postmates and claims that she thought the tip was included in the price, which was why she neglected to tip her driver.

That’s fair enough if it’s actually true, but the driver didn’t take too kindly to it, instead deciding to wait outside her house and scribble the following 4 page note (only the last two have been shared) to her, claiming that he’ll rob her if she does it again:

Pizza Note 1 Pizza Note 23

Well yeah, you could really tell he was high towards the end of that couldn’t you, because he completely goes off on one with his stream of consciousness. I’m surprised he actually had the guts to even post it to her because it’s just completely and utterly weird. Did he think that anyone was actually going to take it seriously and it just wouldn’t be posted on the internet for people to laugh at?

It’s probably going to get even worse for the guy too, as Lauren has reported him to both the police and US Postmates. Postmates have fired him as an independent contractor and the Redondo Beach Police Department could charge the guy with harassment. Ouch – he probably should’ve just accepted the $4 loss.

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