Woman Reveals What It’s Like To Have Sex With A Man With A Bionic Penis


The question on everyone’s lips.

With bionic penises actually existing in the year 2017, the question on everyone’s lips is regarding what it’s actually like to have sex with someone in possession of one. Thankfully the woman above – 39-year-old ‘sexologist’ Anka Radakovich – has described exactly what having sex with a guy with a bionic penis is like.

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Just for clarity before we hear her story, there are two types of bionic penises and they’re usually used by guys who have erection problems. The first uses malleable rods that are placed in the erection chambers of the penis that can be bent into position when needed (sounds painful) and the second uses inflatable plastic cylinders that are pumped full of water when the dude requires an erection. Again, it doesn’t sound ideal but I suppose either option is better than nothing.

Ok, take it away Anka:

Bionic Penis

He was so cute and funny, I didn’t really care. Besides, an erect, on-demand, rock hard schlong that could go for hours? I was in.

There are four levels of hardness: limp, half-chub, hard, and ‘OMG you’re going to kill me with that thing’. When we were ready to have sex, he did about 20 squeeze pumps and I eagerly watched his penis inflate like one of those balloon animals at a carnival.

It felt like a normal erect penis. When I had it in my mouth I didn’t notice the pump in his scrotum either. By the time he was in me, I had forgotten about the implant entirely.

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Wow. As if it’s that good – her account makes it sound better than most of the times I’ve had sex to be honest. Maybe it’s time to invest in one of these pumps?

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