A Woman Demanded A $500 DNA Test After One Of Her Roommates Stole Her Yoghurt

Empty ywoghurt

I’m sure it’s safe to say that almost everyone reading this has probably had bad experiences with roommates in the past, but I doubt anyone would ever have been as petty as the woman in this story.

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We’re over in Taipei for this one, where a student at the Chinese Culture University had a bone to pick with her roommates after one of her yoghurts was found missing from the fridge, with the empty carton in the communal trash can. She gathered up all the possible suspects, but when she questioned them and nobody admitted it, instead of just taking it on the chin and moving on with her life/resolving to keep her yoghurts in a mini fridge in her room from now on, the unnamed girl took the yoghurt carton to her local police station and demanded that they ran fingerprint tests on it.


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For some reason the police decided to do this for her, but when those failed to identify the culprit she insisted that they also performed a DNA test on the yoghurt carton. I guess there really isn’t any crime or anything useful to do in Taipei because for some reason the police agreed to perform this and finally managed to identify which of the roommates was behind this dastardly crime.

They then subsequently charged her with the theft of the $2 yogurt. To put this into context, the DNA testing cost at least $500. This is probably the biggest waste of police resources I’ve ever heard of and I can’t really believe it was even allowed to happen, but hey at least we managed to pick up that crime lord who stole a yoghurt eh? Give me strength.

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