A Woman In Russia Has Been Decapitated By A Train After Having Sex On The Tracks

Woman Sex Train Tracks

Be careful when you’re having sex in public spaces.

Over in Russia (of course), a woman has been decapitated by a moving train after she was having sex with a dude on the tracks.

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Apparently, the incident occurred when the woman – who was on top – looked up when she heard the train approaching. Holy shit that’s all she wrote.

Although it’s obviously terrible for the woman to have died, take a second to think about the man here. He’s just happily humping away having the time of his life when bang, the woman he’s having sex with has just been decapitated and he’s holding a lifeless corpse whilst a really long train passes over the top of him. That is some fucked up shit man. Probably wouldn’t even wish it on my worst enemy.

Sex Train Tracks

This all happened in an area of Siberia called Ulan-Ude. The two people involved were both homeless and drunk at the time too. I don’t really get why they chose to have sex on the train tracks though if this was the case? I mean surely if you’re homeless then you can just have sex anywhere and feel OK about it, right?

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Nevertheless it’s tragedy so RIP to the woman and I hope the guy manages to sort his life out and get over  it too. As for the rest of us, just take it as a hint to never have sex on train lines, no matter what time of night it is nor how drunk you are. Totally not worth it.

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