Woman ‘Catches COVID After Finding Used Tissue In New Jacket From Pretty Little Thing’

What can we blame Covid on today?

A north London woman who found a used tissue and packet of chewing gum in a new jacket she bought online has tested positive for coronavirus, and is convinced the contents of the jacket are to blame.

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Ciara Mackintosh, 24, grabbed the tissue when she put her hand inside the pocket of the £15 trench coat from Pretty Little Thing.

Ciara says she started feeling ill 36 hours on and later tested positive.

She told The Sun:

I’ve been working from home for months and so decided to buy myself the jacket as a treat along with some other things.

When it arrived I put it on and wore it for an hour or so before putting my hand in the pocket and pulled out a used tissue and a packet of chewing gum.

I screamed and felt physically sick and I took the jacket off straight away.

I contacted Pretty Little Thing and told them what had happened but they didn’t seem at all interested.

Later the next day I started feeling ill and I lost my sense of taste and smell, a cough and a temperature.

I didn’t feel well at all and so I took a Covid test and it came back positive.

I have been working from home and haven’t been out so I can only have got it from the jacket and tissue so I told Pretty Little Thing but they just fobbed me off.

Pretty Little Thing said it is investigating and have already identified that the jacket was shipped from a warehouse by Clipper Logistics, who have apologised to Chloe that the item did not reach ‘our own high standards’.

So while it’s completely gross to find a tissue and packet of chewing gum inside a jacket you’ve ordered from Pretty Little Thing, how likely is it that this was actually the source of Chloe’s COVID infection? Not very IMO.

Did she eat a piece of that chewing gum or blow her nose with the used tissue? Presumably she washed her hands and kept them well away from her face after discovering the jacket’s contents, so it’s hard to believe that’s where she caught coronavirus from. Not to mention she started feeling symptoms 34 hours after the jacket was delivered, which seems too short a time span for symptoms to pop up (from what I’ve read anyway).

Either way, at least she’s lived to tell the tale and got her photos in The Sun over it. I’d be pretty pissed if I was Pretty Little Thing though and this girl put out some dubious story about catching COVID-19 from their products, even if they did cock up by not checking the jacket’s pockets after it was (presumably) returned by the previous owner.

Like I said though, she could have caught it from anywhere. Get well soon, Chloe!

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