Wild Karen Unleashes MONSTER Cough In Restaurant Manager’s Face After Being Told She Can’t Eat Indoors

Is this terrorism?

Restaurants, like most businesses, have been hit hard by the pandemic, and are now doing their best to stay afloat by figuring out different solutions that comply with social distancing measures while also allowing them to serve customers.

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Unfortunately, there are still some proper Covidiots out there who are frustrated about things not going “back to normal” quick enough, like the lady in this video who insisted on taking a seat indoors to order her meal.

When the manager informed her she would have to order something for takeaway instead, she lost the plot and unleashed a devastating cough right in his face:

Whoa! That was like the atomic bomb of coughs. Not great to see considering that story recently of the UK rail worker who died after a customer deliberately coughed on her. I mean just look at the ferociousness behind that cough:

Mind-blowing that there are so many self absorbed morons out there who think they’re entitled to act however they want in someone else’s business or property, especially during a time like this where the whole point of social distancing is to keep everyone safe, not to infringe on Karen’s rights or whatever she thinks is happening here. Hope the manager rang up the cops and got this idiot arrested – it’s the least she deserves.

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