A Woman Was Busted With A Kilo Of Liquid Cocaine Surgically IMPLANTED In Her Leg At Airport

Good effort.

The Daily Mail is reporting this crazy story out of Colombia this week where a woman was detained at El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá after being busted with a kilo of liquid cocaine implanted in her leg.

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The 42-year-old hairdresser had arrived in Bogotá from California and must have thought she was already in the clear as she waited for her connecting flight to Madrid. However police at the airport saw her walking ‘slow and in pain’ and noticed she became nervous when they approached her.

A routine security check at the police’s airport office revealed that the woman had a pouch containing 780 grams of liquid cocaine (worth around $36,733) sandwiched between her skin and muscle in her left leg. WTF!

Here’s what that looks like on the X-ray:

And here’s what it looks like when you realise the jig is up:

The suspect admitted that a drug smuggling ring had hired her as a mule to carry the cocaine into Spain, but Colombian authorities were stunned because they’d never seen anyone use this tactic to smuggle cocaine before.

Bit of a shame she had to get caught really because when you go to the effort of opening up your leg and filling it up with nearly a kilo of liquid cocaine and then stitch it back up, it’s like you almost deserve to get away with it. I mean that is serious commitment to the drug mule game. Why shove it up your bum hole when you can surgically implant it into your leg?

Fair play to the cops for doing their jobs though and all the best to this woman as she prepares to spend a long time in Colombian prison. It was a valiant effort which is way more than can be said for this muppet who tried to smuggle £27,000 worth of cocaine under his wig. Lol.


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