Married Woman Claims She Was Raped By Charizard From Pokémon Go

Can the tales of Pokemon Go related woe get any stranger?

Just when you thought you had become completely anaesthetised to all the bizarre Pokémon Go stories out there then a woman in Russia claims that she’s been sexually assaulted by a Charizard.

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The unnamed married woman said she was playing Pokémon Go before she went to sleep and awoke to find Charizard on top of her while she was still lying in bed, and then realised it was molesting her. She said that it disappeared when she jumped out of bed but the Pokémon Go app could still register its virtual presence on her bed.

The woman then told both her husband and the police about the incident but neither believed her, telling her that she should see a psychiatrist instead. A friend named Ivan Makarov said that the woman was convinced her house was crawling with Pokémon:


She says there are too many Pokemon at her place and even the dog can sense them. She says the dog barks whenever she plays Pokemon GO.

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Now, before I go on, I just want to stress that the woman does seem genuinely upset and I do feel sorry for her, but it really is hard to believe. Firstly, unless she was playing some yet to be released Google Glass version of the game, the only way to see the Pokemon is within the confines of a mobile phone screen. And secondly – well to be honest, I think the first point is enough here. There’s clearly no way a Pokémon could have actually raped her, is there?

Anyway, the woman has finally agreed to seeing a psychiatrist now (after first seeking out a psychic who couldn’t help her either), so hopefully she will come to her senses. Still it’s food for thought for Black Mirror season 3.

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