This Woman Can’t Sit Down Because Her Ass Implants Are Too Big

Butt Impant

She’s scared it might explode.

I’ve never really understood people’s need to get plastic surgery – especially when it ends up making their bodies look grotesque – and here’s another of the long list of people who have modified their bodies and arguably ended up making them worse.

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Her name is Star Delguidice and she’s 28 years old and from Birmingham. She was appearing on This Morning today but had to do so standing up as she’s had so many butt implants that she could no longer sit down.

Star started with a flat bum but had her first procedure at the age of 17 and since then has had 200 more. She flew all the way to Turkey for her latest operation which lasted seven hours and involved  doctors draining fat from her arms, thighs and stomach and injecting it in to her butt.

Unfortunately though she was unaware just what would happen following it and now claims that she’s in pain every time she sits or lies down and wants to reverse the procedure. In the meantime she has to carry a giant cushion with her everywhere she goes so that she can sit down without being too uncomfortable. What an absolute idiot and what a waste of time eh?

Here’s what Star had to say about it all:

I think it stems from being a young child, being raised a Jehovah’s Witness and shut away from a lot of things that normal children weren’t.

I’m not entirely blaming my family for the way I’ve turned out, but you know…

I probably am addicted to surgery but I am really scared now. The operation was a seven hour operation.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m having therapy because I’m having post traumatic stress through the surgery. I feel scared and stuff.

Yeah I can’t really say I feel too sorry for someone who is upset because she willing had surgery on herself to mess up her body and now isn’t happy with the results. Maybe I’m an asshole, but it seems like she brought the situation upon herself so I can’t really be that sympathetic about it, even if she did have a tough upbringing. Can imagine she’ll get them removed and probably decide that she wants them back afterwards. Idiot.

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