Dying Woman With Terminal Cancer Leaves Husband To Find Better Sex Before She Dies

Fair play.

A New York woman diagnosed with terminal breast cancer left her husband so she could sample some better dick before she died.

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Molly, whose last name is withheld for privacy, chronicled the final years of her life in the six-part Wondery podcast ‘Dying for Sex,’ hosted by her best friend, Nikki Boyer.

Upon learning she had stage 4 cancer at the age of 41, Molly – who’d battled breast cancer once before, in 2011 — left her unsatisfying marriage to explore her sexuality and make the most of the years she had left.

Molly, who died last March aged 45, said on the podcast:

Sexually, we had difficulties before cancer came along [the first time]. Right before I got diagnosed, I was kind of looking to recharge our sex life . . . and then cancer showed up.

I don’t think anyone should begrudge Molly seeking fulfillment in those areas where she wasn’t fulfilled following her diagnosis, but I have to say I do feel a bit sorry for her husband. I don’t know what other kinds of problems they may have been having in their relationship, but to find out your wife has terminal cancer and that you’re rubbish at sex and she’s leaving you to find a more worthy penis has got to be pretty devastating.

I also wonder how this story would be spun on all the usual sites if the sexes were reversed. Can you imagine a man getting terminal cancer and then being praised for spending the rest of his days shagging other women because his wife wasn’t satisfying him? Something to think about.

RIP Molly and glad she had a good time during her final years – respect.

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