A Woman Called Out Walmart For Pushing Global Elite Agenda By Selling NWO T-Shirt

Oh god.

They say that Americans can be really stupid when it comes to real life and social media and this has been illustrated yet again after a woman went crazy on Facebook after she saw an nWo t-shirt for sale in the supermarket.

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You might forgive her for not having heard of one of the biggest wrestling factions in history – wrestling isn’t for everyone sure – but you would think that she might at least Google it to find out what it’s all about (pretty much number one on Google for nWo t shirt or New World Order t-shirt) before she started posting dumb conspiracy theories like this on Facebook. I mean it even has a WWE logo on it FFS.

I guess we’re forgetting that she’s American though and probably from somewhere like Milwaukee or Oklahoma, so this is what we get instead:

Needless to say, the replies varied from people calling her an idiot to trying to get to the bottom of it along with her. Healthy mix of idiocy and realism tbh:

So ridiculously dumb, but I suppose even when you’re in quarantine you can’t expect people’s stupidity to be eradicated. Thanks for brightening up my day.

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