A Woman Called 999 To Complain That There Were Mushrooms On Her Pizza

Mushroom Pizza


When I was a kid I was taught that you should only call 999 if it’s an absolute emergency that requires immediate attention and it still surprises me to this day that other people haven’t been espoused with this knowledge and continue to waste police time with inane bullshit.

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This is perhaps no better illustrated than in the 999 call that has been recorded below where an Essex woman has called the emergency line to complain that mushrooms have been put on her meat feast pizza. Outrageous.

As if even the story about this wasn’t enough to prove to people that they shouldn’t be using the 999 number in this way, the authorities have also taken the fairly unprecedented step of releasing the audio for everyone to listen to and realise how stupid it is. Get a load of this:

Yeah I’m sure you’ll agree that’s goddamn stupid that the woman is banging on about it so much, but I don’t really understand why the operator entertained her so much and didn’t just put the phone down straight away. I mean surely there must have been somewhere out there who was more worthy of her time than this bozo? You really would think so, wouldn’t you? Not impressed, but hey – maybe it was a slow day or something. I can let her off more than I can the idiot complaining about the pizza.

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