Woman Buys Scratchcard To Teach Husband Lesson About Gambling; Wins $1 Million


I bet eating her words tasted delicious.

A woman in Leicester, U.S. bought a lottery ticket scratchcard in the aim of showing her husband what a waste of time and money they were.

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However 57-year-old Glenda Blackwell ended up eating her words, as she won $1million. What a delicious serving of irony that must’ve been.


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Over the weekend, Glenda’s husband Buddy asked for two Powerball tickets from Suttles Quik Mart. Instead of indulging him, she decided to purchase a $10 Carolina Millions scratch-off ticket for herself. And by Monday, Glenda had a check in her hands with the cash. Lucky bitch. She said:

I was going to be ugly and buy a scratch off to show him they didn’t hit.

Sometimes I get aggravated with him, so I tell him, ‘You’re just wasting your money.’

I had to eat my words, but they were worth eating. So, I was very happy.

We’ve struggled a lot, so now we can buy our own home and our own land. It’ll be paid for and I don’t have to worry about that no more.

So, that’s what I plan to do with some of the money and the other part I plan to help my daughter and to put money up for my two granddaughters for college.

It’s good to see the money will be put to good use. Despite their incredible win, Glenda and Buddy have decided that they’ve probably used up all their luck points and so have decided to give up on lottery tickets for good.

Well at least they’re being sensible about the whole thing. Unlike these utter morons who completely messed up their lottery wins.


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